Best Nextel Walkie Talkie Reviewed

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Top Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones

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Nextel walkie talkies are a great option for anyone who needs to stay in touch with their team. These units are usually used by construction companies and other businesses who need to stay in contact with their workers through a two-way radio. Nextel walkie talkies can also be used for recreation and as a way to keep children entertained when travelling without electronic devices.

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NEXTEL T1000 Walkie Talkies


What to look for when shopping for Nextel Walkie Talkies

When shopping for a Nextel Walkie Talkies, there are some things to keep in mind. The first thing is the battery life. This will depend on how often you use it and the power of the device. If you only need to use it occasionally, then a long battery life is not necessary.

If you are looking for a Nextel walkie talkies phone match, then consider what other gadgets you have that use the same frequency. If you have any other gadgets such as cordless phones or wireless headphones, make sure that they don’t interfere with your Nextel walkie talkies.

Nextel Direct Connect

Nextel has a service called Direct Connect which enables you to contact another Nextel user with a simple press of the button. If they’re in the local coverage area, it’s normally free of any charge.

Nextel can help connect people from your team in a similar manner to how police and taxi companies communicate. Which is why construction companies often favor this kind of service. Direct Connect is based on Motorola’s Integrated Digital Enhanced Network and saves time and effort by connecting your business on a mutual level.

The service operates on a spectrum of 800MHz. It’s assigned to SMR- a type of mobile radio exclusively for this use.

Top 3 Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones

Nextel T1000

NEXTEL T1000 Walkie Talkies

Keep your family and friends in touch with the new NEXTEL T1000. This device is lightweight, easy-to-use, and comes with a high-gain antenna that extends the audio range for clearer audio. Designed specifically for events, picnics, parties, camping and more, T1000 is easy to pack and carry so you can stay connected with your loved ones during any adventure.

Noise-free communication, no distractions, and increased safety with these Nextel walkie talkies. These two-way radios are perfect for hiking, sporting events, parties, and more! Stay in touch with your team with clear audio range and a high-gain antenna that’s perfect for noisy environments.


  • The weather prediction services on the radio are great – The 11 channels cover everything from tornadoes and storms to hurricanes – so no matter what the situation, you’ll know in advance.

  • There are 5 MURS Channels – These designated channels in the UHF range are licensed to business in most areas but may be open to public use in some areas

  • Get alerts from the National Weather Service – This weather radio can be programmed to sound an alarm if it needs to warn you about a tornado.

  • Water Resistant – Despite its delicate looks, it’s made to withstand a little of everything. Splash some water on it and see for yourself.

Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902

Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902

The Motorola Sprint Nextel iC902 Deluxe really is a top choice for anyone seeking a small, stylish and fully-featured 2.0 MP camera phone. Not only does it offer a QWERTY key board, but it also lets you see its screen from nearly any angle!

The Nextel ic902 includes a built in camera and speaker phone for taking videos and pictures.

The Motorola ic902 includes a high res screen, a music player, 7MB of internal memory space for storing music and a 1.3 MP camera to capture those cherished memories.

The Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC90 is an affordable option for those who are looking to purchase a new cell phone without breaking the bank. It comes with many features, including 3G web browsing, and it is easy to use with its large buttons and menus that are simple to navigate.


  • Compact, stylish and affordable.

  • The Motorola sprint Nextel iC902 Deluxe is a compact and stylish push-to-talk phone that offers a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2.0-megapixel camera, and the ability to view the screen from nearly any angle.

  • The ic902 from Sprint also features a built-in calendar app and voice dialling software that make it easy to stay on top of your schedule.

Nextel Motorola i576

Nextel Motorola i576

If you want to enjoy great Nextel service and maintain a sense of trust, go for the i576. This phone has been put through a series of intensive tests to make sure it’s reliable and tough- so you can rely on it in any situation! The Nextel Motorola i576 No Contract Cell Phone has an integrated two-way radio that helps you stay connected without missing a beat.

The Motorola i576 Nextel Phone has a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. It also has a slim profile which is perfect for portability and makes it easy to hold on the go.


  • Nextel Motorola i576 PTT rugged cell phone is made for protection. The shock-resistant exterior and rubberized exterior will be able to withstand blows and falls, as well as scratches. Keeping your phone safe in extreme weather isn’t easy. Luckily, you can use a gel cover to create a protective layer around it.

  • With 20 hours of battery life and a minimalist design, this phone is perfect for any person who wants to be in the know.

  • Durable, Tight-Gripping Handles With Integrated Flashlights

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